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FloridaForCannabis.Org was founded in 2016, with aim set at educating the upcomming generation about the proper recreational habits and more importantly the medical benefits of cannabis.



Following in his father's (Ras Iyah V) footsteps, Tesfa-Abebe began hosting monthly seminars hoping to attract speakers from other States where medical and recreational use is legal, to influence the florida Medical Use of Marijuana Act to adopting similar laws as those that have shown significant economical growth. With seminars in Tampa Florida, a State which doesn't allow the recreational use of Marijuana, the challenge, well, it's a challenge.


In the last FloridaForCannabis.Org seminars

Tom Scianablo awarded Top Ethical Cannabis Speaker

"Good Night ladies and gentlemen, my Name is Tom
and i'm here to discuss the unjust laws governing not just recreational and Marijuana. It's and its and honor to accept this award from this driven team behind FloridaForCannabis.Org. I wanted to bring my Granddad to this special night Award, unfortunately he couldn't make it, but he continually expressed the importance of him being here tonight, in
support of the FloridaForCannabis.Org just as they've supported his movement, and so you must know the disappointment
is equaly shared." Tom Said.


Tesfa-Abebe (Seminar Host and FloridaForCannabis.Org (FFC) Founder) had a few important topics last seminar.

"Tonight I want to shed some light on Is change that's coming and the changes thats will still be needed in the Cannabis industry.


Last Seminar

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