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Tom Scianablo awarded Top Ethical Cannabis Speaker

"Good Night ladies and gentlemen, my Name is Tom
and i'm here to discuss the unjust laws governing not just recreational and Marijuana. It's and its and honor to accept this award from this driven team behind FloridaForCannabis.Org. I wanted to bring my Granddad to this special night Award, unfortunately he couldn't make it, but he continually expressed the importance of him being here tonight, in
support of the FloridaForCannabis.Org just as they've supported his movement, and so you must know the disappointment
is equaly shared." Tom Said.


Tesfa-Abebe (Seminar Host and FloridaForCannabis.Org (FFC) Founder) had a few important topics last seminar.

"Tonight I want to shed some light on Is change that's coming and the changes thats will still be needed in the Cannabis industry.

For example:

1. Lets talk about Labels

Rastafari brethren and sistrens have been branded negativity, labeled pot heads since the movement started, a marijuana smoker is called a pot head, FOR SMOKING MEDICINE, as opposed to poison, rejecting low priced poison. (We are not pot heads, we are educated, we're smart.
Give us labels that represents this.

2. Time We wont get back

I'm here tonight and so, I want to remind you of How far we could have been. How far we could have been in medical cannabis
research, if we didnt get the fight we got. Rastafari is just one of the many cultures that has made numerous attempts to show the Jamaican and international heads of governments, the benefits of this amazing plant, and have been thrown in jail, been forced to cut our locks, and left to starve because we choose to eat ital, not meat.

The healthy lifestyle of Rastafari brethrens and sistrens came at a cost, but we were wise enough to know that Cannabis was a medicine, and continued the fight to Legalize cannabis all over the world; take an opportunity to look into to look into the livity of
Rastafari and discover ancient health practices.

3. Then We got a bit religious

Tesfa Continued: The Lord god gives us heaven and earth: The lorg god gives us the heaven and the Earth, the animals and the trees. It is a natural art, with an unbelievable sculpture, and an irrisistible texture, Cannabis must be free.

We need the right changes!

For example:
The DEA wants over 900 lbs of cannabis grown by federally licenced researchers for scientific study in 2018.

Look how far you've come!

4. The humor

Simple wisdom in my dad I'd like to say thank you for: The name Tesfa Abebe, means hope like a blooming flower. I think my dad knew what he was doing when he gave me the name Tesfa- Abebe. IT, means, hope, like a blooming flower. flower, bloom, yea he knew what he was doing. The flower is blooming Ladies and gentlemen: Oh it's blooming.

5. The Highlight & The Thank You

If my dad Ras Iyah V were here tonight, hewould stress that: The younger generation needs to be educated on the proper use of Cannabis, and the potential of CBD, and THC. 5. The world needs to change is views on cannabis, and stop rejecting the Truth. Cannabis is a God among plants.

Who has done more in educating the upcoming generation about the medical benefits of Cannabis than mr. Richard Lee (Founder of the first California Cannabis university, Oaksterdam University) himself, than Ras Iyah V (Founder Rastafari Rootzfest), please give a large round of a plause to the best team in the world, that made this seminar possible. On the behalf of Ras Iyah V, my name is Tesfa abebe. Have a blessed night. Thank you!

He had More to say after goodnight: The battle you have ahead is a confusing one. I urge you to listen with caution, i urge you to act with an open mind. We have legal dispensary being closed down and their cannabis products and assets being taken away by a certain government body. Confusing: because everywhere you go the United States seems to be focused on health, being sure to label every product with the amount of calories in every bite. But we see the pushback with Cannabis, we've seen the acceptance of Alcohol and tobacco, but we're so focused on health.

Last modified: Nov 29, 2017.

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Due to Rastafari Rootzfest being held December 15-17 2017, we will be postponing all seminars until further notice.


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